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What's new

v5.1 [Dec 13, 2018]
- Added Black theme UI.
- Added Smart Folder feature.
- Added support for VNC vino's auth 18 (TLS).
- Added VPN Link option to open a VPN depending on OS.
- Major UI improvement with SVG images.
- $APPLICATION_NAME$ variable now takes into account the override application name option.
- $APPLICATION_NAME$ variable now takes into account the override application name option.
- Added "Show sub-connections" checkbox in the smart folder properties and removed it from the smart folder dashboard.
- Added a debug icon in the statusbar when the debug logs are enabled.
- Added a debug image in the status bar when the debug logs are enabled.
- Added a full refresh for IE (Ctrl Refresh).
- Added a search bar to the batch execute prompt for hosts of macro entry.
- Added a setting to automatically execute the quick connect on template selection.
- Added a setting to automatically execute the quick connect on template selection.
- Added Amazon AWS and S3 missing regions.
- Added autoscroll option to continuous ping and ctrl break.
- Added autoscroll option to continuous ping and ctrl break.
- Added basic support for Tigervnc's x509 authentication types.
- Added certificate support for VNC.
- Added Close tab with middle click.
- Added complete refresh to IE refresh button.
- Added credential and folder entry type to the RoyalTS import. Added inherited and credential selection for entries directly from the import.
- Added default Keyboard Layout option in Options.
- Added filter option "Include Empty Folders".
- Added free layout mode to organize the docked tabbed pages.
- Added log path to Wayk now entry.
- Added Mask information (secure) option to Custom Controls in Web Browser session.
- Added miscellaneous section in the Add dialog.
- Added multi select to Terminal Session Console.
- Added possibility to edit RDP Type in a batch edit.
- Added prompt for external monitor option.
- Added QR code to the View Password form of an OTP entry.
- Added regex syntax highlighting support for SSH Shell and Telnet.
- Added setting to disable certificate revocation check.
- Added support for Tigervnc's x509 authentication types.
- Added Team Viewer password generator support.
- Added the possibility to start a macro/script/tool entry by double clicking it.
- Added warning messages when doing "close all" and "close all except" on the tabs.
- Added Wayk now Prefer relay and UniqueID.
- Added Windows Admin Center entry.
- Changed LocalAppData behavior to make RDM portable using override.cfg.
- Deprecated Login (Account) information entry.
- Improved the Add dialog with a Misc category.
- Improved the Cloud Account UI.
- Improved the RDP display settings for scrollbar.
- Improved the recent navigation.
- Improved the tooltip for the embedded tab.
- Made the expiration date required for certificate type documents.
- Now save the proxy settings properly in SFTP.
- Renamed Login (Web) for website.
- Reworked the Recent UI.
- Reworked the Wayk integration.
- Terminal rendering corrections.
- Updated Essential Objects (Chrome embedded). Fixes a few client issues we've gotten, including crash when downloading as non-elevated and Windows 1809 issue.
- Updated Mateso Password Safe's API and used new methods provided by the API to query the information in a more reliable way.
- Updated the Wayk embedded client.
- Wayk embedded improvements: - Default friendly name - Fixed the "auto" zoom mode - Made the "scaled" option activate the "auto" zoom mode.
- Changed check for username in wayk settings.
- Check for update button now works properly in "once a month" mode.
- Check for update button now works properly in "once a month" mode.
- Fixed a possible memory leak with the thumbnails.
- Fixed a shortcut issue with the Close.
- Fixed Advanced Search connection type not listing sub connection types.
- Fixed an error when disconnecting SFTP SCP.
- Fixed an issue where the always ask password prompt of a credential would prompt when saving the credential into another entry's properties.
- Fixed an issue with keyboard layout in VNC/ARD.
- Fixed an issue with Yubikey.
- Fixed automatic check out not working on the credential entry if it's selected in the "Open with paramters" menu.
- Fixed disconnected status disappearing when undocking window.
- Fixed error when disconnecting SFTP SCP.
- Fixed filter prompt when locked.
- Fixed issue with $PASSWORD$ variable.
- Fixed issue with diagnostic not always being sent.
- Fixed issue with double prompt for comment with SSH in VPN.
- Fixed issue with SCP deleting folders.
- Fixed log to file warning message always displaying for native file transfer entries.
- Fixed multiple issues happening in the "view password" form of a One Time Password entry if the key is invalid.
- Fixed null reference exception WebDAV list double click.
- Fixed RDP focus not properly restored when the user clicks on an empty area of the navigation list.

v4.6 [Jun 3, 2018]
- Added Google Cloud support.
- Application is now 64-bit.
- Added $PARENT_INFORMATION_IP$ to allow the resolving in the session name.
- Added a Copy Name action.
- Added a thumbnail refresh setting.
- Added an option to hide the default templates (RDP, Wayk, SSH...) in quick connect.
- Added an option to hide the Open (Prompt for credentials).
- Added browse shortcut button to LogMeIn.
- Added default ribbon option on start.
- Added FreeRDP smart card redirection support.
- Added Include Diagnostic option to error reports.
- Added Keep selection on clear filter option.
- Added option for GSS API credential delegation for SSH native.
- Added Pause and Resume to SFTP download and upload.
- Added Pause/Resume Google Cloud download and upload.
- Added Pause/Resume transfer support for FTP SCP WebDAV.
- Added remember the choice in FrmUpdateAvailable, and made the default "download and install now".
- Added the email as username for the Copy username and the email account.
- Added the session context menu in the Recent entry list.
- Added Wayk Tool.
- Changed Terminals import to allow importing the tags as groups or as tags.
- Changed the auto update to be async.
- Deprecated Remote Assistance.
- Improved Amazon S3 browser.
- Improved the application exit with opened session message.
- Improved the Azure Table Storage explorer type.
- Improved the error handling for Devolutions Online Drive.
- Improved the SSH to keep session history after disconnect.
- Minor UI fixes.
- Prevent ARD/VNC view from stealing focus when switched to and then off.
- ScreenConnect fixed issue with versions under 6.6 because of the user display name.
- Sticky password import now imports password lists and links them to the appropriate website.
- Web browser find shortcut now takes into consideration the "enable keyboard shortcuts" option.
- Fixed a possible crash with the search in the Hyper-V console.
- Fixed a possible issue with the undocked mode and the default monitor configured.
- Fixed an issue with blank screen when using WebRTC and Google Chrome embedded.
- Fixed an issue with Chrome Remote Desktop.
- Fixed an issue with XenServer dll missing.
- Fixed an thumbnail issue with RDP fullscreen.
- Fixed AWS connection issue with Linux machines.
- Fixed escaping quote issue in Team Viewer password.
- Fixed filter collapse behaving different when clearing and when emptying the filter.
- Fixed Google Cloud Log to file.
- Fixed Google Cloud potential error.
- Fixed HTML export where username was shown even when the value was empty.
- Fixed issue when RDP connection using IP address also used custom domain override.
- Fixed issue where pressing the cancel button of Apple Remote Desktop entry's credential prompt causes an unnecessary error message.
- Fixed potential crash with TFTP paths.
- Fixed rename issue with SCP.
- Fixed WinSCP directory download issue.
- Fixing issue with Html export showing the connection's properties twice.
- Fixing rename being enabled locations where it couldn't perform its task properly.

v3.0 [Nov 30, 2016]
Added an option to hide expired groups
Added KeePass v1.X (Legacy) Xml importer
Added readonly support for RoyalTS files with Xml and Dropbox data sources
Improved WebDav Host and Home Directory Settings
Fixed a Refresh bug for WebDav
Fixed an issue with the tab color
Fixed the Show Window List.

v2.6 [Jul 4, 2016]
Added an option to hide the data source name from the tree view
Added auto reconnect VNC session once if connection is lost
Improved embedded Chrome
Improved the custom VPN (.cmd and .bat files and force run in background are now supported)
Improved the port forward UI
Improved the session sort.

v2.2 [Mar 13, 2016]
Added a copy all button for SSH Shell
Added an option to always accept host key in Terminal on a per-session basis
Added extremely basic NTLM authentication mode for IE browser
Added support for ping with Team Viewer
Improved the High-DPI user interface (basic support for now)
Improved the terminal to send private key data directly
Improved the wait progress dialog
Increased the software section size
Optimized the load connection performance by reworking the way all the images are loaded
Reworked the footer and the status bar menu.

v2.0 [Oct 2, 2015]
Added a new automated export backup type for the local data sources (Xml, SQLite and Online Drive)
Added a setting to hide the navigation bar in Logmein
Added context menu options to hide sub menus
Added official Devolutions Online Drive backup support
Added the data source shortcut connection type
Changed the default IE browser emulation mode to the latest IE version
Updated the full work area toolbar to be movable.

v1.3 [Jul 22, 2019]
Added a fallback to password authentication if the key agent fails in SSH
Added Citrix Netscaler as an available session type when applying a VPN/SSH/Gateway
Added option in Chrome embedded to disable loading messages
Added the status message display feature to all entry dashboards

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